Chitosan Enhanced Sand Filtration (ATS)

Chitosan Enhanced Sand Filtration (CESF) is a flow-through chemical water treatment technology that combines the use of polymers/flocculants (chitosan) with pressurized sand filtration capable of producing a continuous effluent turbidity of less than 5 ntu. Also know as Active Treatment System (ATS).

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Chitosan Passive Treatment

Chitosan Passive Treatment Sock (PTS)  is designed to treat construction and industrial storm water run-off by using an environmentally friendly biopolymer that does not contain any acrylamides. The fabric “sock” containing a dry form of chitosan, made from crab shell and is 100% biodegradable leaving no bioaccumulation concerns behind. PTS is a controlled dosing system for the passive treatment of suspended sediment in storm water, requiring no chemical injection pumps, or liquid chemical handling. Turbid water passes over the PTS unit and the chitosan product dissolves and releases through the fabric continually treating the water. When the water stops, the PTS unit dehydrates and remains static until storm water flows again.

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Biochar Media Filtration

Biochar Supreme environmental products have outperformed its competitors time and time again in both engineering labs and in the field. With a surface area of 800 square meters a gram, no PAHs or dioxins, consistency remediates organic toxins, sediments and heavy metals.  It has a surface area that is competitive with that of most activated carbon. They are also a fraction of the cost, making remediation products much more feasible, with better results. With over 80% organic carbon, and are used frequently in stormwater filtration, soils remediation, marine preservation, L.I.D. systems, rain gardens and green roof systems.

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Dual Polymer Passive Treatment

Dual Polymer System (DPS) is designed to treat construction and industrial storm water run-off by using environmentally friendly biopolymers that do not contain any acrylamides. These products are also 100% biodegradable leaving no bioaccumulation concerns behind. DPS combines the use of chitosan passive treatment socks along with DBP-2100 floc socks to produce a remarkable result. These two biopolymers can be used separately or together to maximize their effectiveness when treating many different soil types. DPS can remove contaminants such as suspended sediment, oil, heavy metals, and organics form storm water run-off. These products also come with a residual field test method to help you stay in compliance within the regulatory communities.

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Who We Are

Sound Environmental Concepts LLC is a family owned company, dedicated to providing environmentally safe water treatment products for the removal of sediment, heavy metals, and other contaminants. These products are excepted within regulatory communities and are very economical for staying in compliance within the construction and industrial market places.