Chitosan Lactate

Chitosan CGLF Is an organic water clarifier made from high quality chitosan lactate flake and “GROUND” into a powder form, so that it can dissolve quickly. This product is introduced into the water flow through an auger/eductor, once in solution, the chitosan flocculates suspended sediment particles which settle and can be filtered out. This natural biopolymer is 100 percent biodegradable through simple natural enzymatic activity, leaving you no bioaccumulation concern. Currently being used in construction, Industrial, municipal, and log yard water treatment systems.


Who We Are

Sound Environmental Concepts LLC is a family owned company, dedicated to providing environmentally safe water treatment products for the removal of sediment, heavy metals, and other contaminants. These products are excepted within regulatory communities and are very economical for staying in compliance within the construction and industrial market places.