East Link Light Rail

Bellevue, Washington

East Link is expanding service across Lake Washington to Bellevue and Redmond as the third segment of Sound Transit Light Rail System’s Phase II expansion. The region’s explosive growth and resulting traffic congestion has added urgency to developing a high-capacity transit solution for the entire metropolitan area. The fast-growing city of Bellevue and technology hub of Redmond are major employment, residential and cultural centers whose integration with light rail will further ensure their long-term vitality.

Encompassing over 10 miles of light rail tracks through numerous distinct neighborhoods, the East Link corridor serves as a series of connected urban places, each with its own unique topography, density, culture and demographics. From verdant single-family residential areas to dense urban high-rise districts, the segment weaves from I-90 at its south end to the Microsoft Campus adjacent to SR-520 at its northern extreme.

There are multiple construction sites with many contractors in various locations during the building process. To ensure compliance with their storm water discharge permits, Chitosan Enhanced Sand Filtration System (CESF) is being used to remove turbidity and many other ground water contaminants from the storm water discharge. The biopolymers used as filter aids are: chitosan acetate and BHR-P50 liquid solutions along with chitosan lactate passive treatment socks for pre-treatment into settling basins.

CESF is the most reliable, cost effective, and sustainable way for construction sites to stay in compliance with their storm water discharge, while protecting the wildlife in stream, rivers, and lakes.

Who We Are

Sound Environmental Concepts LLC is a family owned company, dedicated to providing environmentally safe water treatment products for the removal of sediment, heavy metals, and other contaminants. These products are excepted within regulatory communities and are very economical for staying in compliance within the construction and industrial market places.